Does a “best electric bike” exist? It’s human nature to think that the thing you own is the best in its class simply because you bought it. But everything is subjective, really.

Just as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, the best electric bike lies in the eyes of the rider.

Make a Checklist

The best electric bike, really, should be one that best meets your needs. Different people have different requirements. Priorities also differ among individuals.

Make a list of what’s most important to you. A check list of sorts so that you don’t lose sight of the “must haves” and the “nice to haves”.

There is more to just power, speed and range to consider before you decide on an electric bike best suited to your needs.

Factors to Consider

Here is a list of  factors to consider to help you decide on an electric bicycle that’s right for you:

-       Cost

-       Range

-       Weight of the bike

-       Battery type

-       Motor

-       Foldable or not

For some, cost is going to be the driving factor.

But don’t get carried away with the notion that just because an ebike costs a few thousand dollars must mean that it is the best ebike around. It could cost a lot simply because of its brand name. But that does not mean it’s the bike most suited to your needs.

Think about what you need the bike for:

Is it to commute to work and therefore range is important?

Is it to help you climb up steep hills and therefore power is important?

Is it to help you ferry around your child to school and therefore weight is important?

Is it just to look good and therefore a sleek stylish bike is important?

Is it to ride and then commute on the train and therefore portability is important?

Do your homework

Before you invest in an ebike, take a look at the specifications of the bike. Make sure that it meets your needs.

You may fall in love with how the bike looks but be sure to also “look under the hood” as the saying goes.

Read the reviews of others who have purchased the bike and were kind enough to let the world know their experience of the bike. A genuine consumer review is impartial and invaluable advise.

An investment in an ebike is worthwhile only if it meets your needs and offers you a comfortable ride. You want to be sure that your money is well spent on your very own best electric bike.

If you’re still scratching your head and wondering how to choose the best electric bike for yourself, we have just the answer. Our free ebook “How To Choose An Ebike That’s Right For You” will help you make the right choice.

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Good luck in your search!



Agilis Electric Folding Bike

Will Electric Folding Bikes Save You Money?

Ok, here’s the deal…

Electric folding bikes cost about the same price as non-foldable e-bikes. We’ve searched dozens of websites, dealers, original manufacturers, and retailers. Fact is, electric foldables are typically priced between $600 to $1,200.

You can of course get lucky and get a really good deal at some auction sites like ebay. But if you’re looking for a new bike, chances are you’ll be paying around that price range.

In the long run, though, your electric folding bike will save you in other indirect ways. Imagine if you bought a car or motorbike you’re going to be paying a bigger initial fee and more in the long term.

Gas prices continue to rise. Road taxes for cars, motorbikes and other carbon emitting vehicles are also rising as governments look at ways to encourage commuters to go green.

Foldable electric bikes are powered by lithium batteries. Assuming that the electric bicycle battery lasts a year, conservatively, you’ll save upwards of $1,000 in gas money during that time. Plus, you won’t need to pay road tax for your electric bike!

The convenience of portability

Electric folding bikes are popular because of their portability and can be folded up nice and compact and stored away easily.

They are extremely easy to transport and travel around with. Simply remove 4 clasps which are connected to the bike and the bike collapses into a miniature transportable size.

This is advantageous over regular bikes because now you can easily carry your foldable bike onto a ferry, train, bus, and car more effortlessly than ever before.

You can also fold the bike and keep it in your office rather than leaving it in the bike parking lots and reduce the risk of theft or the bike getting damaged by the rain.

If you can’t bring the bike with you to the office then it would be a good idea to at least have a strong, durable lock for your precious bike. Something like the Kryptonite Krypt Keeper Lock would do the trick.

Electric folding bike review

The Agilis 24V 20” folding electric bike is a really sleek, compact unit that has a removable 24V LiMn battery. Its 250W motor gets you up to speed quickly and it goes 16 miles on a single charge without pedaling. It weighs in at about 49lbs with battery and has a light aluminium alloy frame. You can get it at Amazon for under $1,150.


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